Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Front Cover

This is a rough example of what I would like my front cover of "Broadcast" to look like. I wanted my title to take up the full length of the page.For example, the way Kerrang! Makes the title stretch across the full page, many other Metal music magazines did this.

other magazines that focused on many music genres like, NME  had a small title which was tucked away in the corner of the page, I felt that this did not catch a readers eye because it was too small to read, I want my title to stand out. this is why I chose a bigger title.

The colour scheme which i am using for the front cover is; black, red and white. This colour scheme will run throughout the magazine with the addition of other dark colours. When looking at other rock magazines I found that these three colours where the most common ones which are used. I felt that they matched the genre very well.

Here are some examples of my choice of title in different colours, I asked members of my target audience which one they preferred. I found out that many preferred the white text in the black box.  

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