Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Audience Feedback

 One I had created my magazine to the highest standard i could, I asked a group of people which the magazine was aimed at. I felt that getting different types of feedback would give me some idea into what they thought about the magazine itself. This would also help highlight any problems the potential customers had, for example, if they didn’t understand certain slogans, or if they thought that the colour scheme clashed and was not clear enough to read.To start off with I asked a mixed gender group aged 16-25 what their opinions of the front cover,Feature article and contents  was. I asked them to write down what they thought. Here are some of the comments which I was given:

“You can tell by the colour scheme and the style of the photo that this magazine is based around the rock music genre. If I had seen this magazine cover with covers from well-known magazines I would say that it was at the same high standard. on the other hand i think a better model could had been used for the front cover photo.“ - Ashley Maplethorpe

“I thought that the red, white and black colour scheme followed a tradition which many famous rock/metal magazines have today. I felt the dark colours give it its dark appearance.  I felt that the magazine has been related towards the metal genre  in the smallest ways, for example, the outfits which the models in the photographs took, that type of fasion is linked towards that music genre. I loved the layout of the contents page, i thought that using half the page for image and half for text was different to what you would normally see in magazines. “ - Matthew Fouracre

"When i was first shown the cover for Broadcast i thought that is looked very professional. The layout reminded me of other rock music magazines such as Kerrang! and Rock Sound. The photos which were used looked like there was some time and effort spent on them. If this magazine was on sale, i would pay for it"
- Stephiie Hart

Here are some of the results to the questions which i asked my audience:

Do you like the colour scheme?

Did you find the fonts easy to read?

Do you think that the magazine appeals to males or females more?


When asking members of my target audience what they thought of the magazine i felt that the magazine was received well. The feedback i was giving will help me to improve the cover, feature article and contents.

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