Wednesday, 19 January 2011

School Magazine

Final Front cover.
This is the final desing of my front cover. i decided to use a yellow and black colour scheme. At first i was going to stick to the colour scheme of the school logo but i thought that yellow and blue did not go together. 

Final Contents
i kept the same colour scheme throughout the making of my contents, i felt that this made the magazine look more professional. 


Over the time i have looked at magazines and i have found out a few things which help make up a magazine cover and contents page. The images are examples of magazines which do this:

  • The colour scheme on both pages has to be kept the same throughout the making of the magazine. This will make the magazine look more professional and not make it look so confusing.
  • The cover photo should be ambitious. You can experiment with different possitions,lighting,backgrounds and styles.
  • The font you choose to use should stay the same throughouth the magazine, again this will give a more professional look towards the magazine. 
  • The front cover should not have many images on it.


what makes a good photograph?
To me a good photograoh to use on the cover of a magazine would have to highlight the models features. Some well known magazines tend to use detailed photos for their front cover, however i think that for a simple school magazine using the pupils in the school will make the audience feel more connected with the magazine.
Good photographs

These are some of the photographs which i took for my school magazine.
I think this photo is a good example of a successful photograph. It would be simple to cut out on photoshop. The model is centered in the middle of the frame which makes it easier to place on the magazine template. She is also looking into the lense of the camera.

Poor Photographs

I think that this image is an example of a poor photograph which i took because my model is wearing red and he is posing against a red background. This would be difficult to cut out if i wanted to use him on my front cover. Another reason why i wouldnt use this photo is because my model isnt looking at the camera. This image does not have a prefessional look towards it. I wouldnt use this as a cover image, however i might use it as a smaller image in my contents page.

This image is an example of a poor image because of the expressions of the models. i could have prepared the photo shoot a lot better.This image could be improved if i had took a medium close up of them

For my first task, i am going to create a school magazine for Heworth Grange Comprehensive school including a front cover and a contents page.  I will be working with a group to take the photographs, however i will be working on my own to produce the magazine itself. The magazine will be aimed at a audience of 11-18 year olds.

First Lesson
In the first lesson I got to go around school with certain models and take photographs. I thought the school was an appropriate place to take photographs because its what my magazine is going to be based on.