Thursday, 31 March 2011


I came up with the title Broadcast for my magazine. I asked a group of people if they would choose which style of the title they preferred;

"i prefer the second style because it stands out more compared to the rest. it also goes with the genre of the magazine."  Shaun Liddle

Out of the four titles I was shown I liked the second one first. It looked like it belonged to a rock music magazine." Teri Morning

"I liked the third one because it looked hand written. I thought that this would suit the genre best."  Zoe Wilson

When it came to picking a title, i thought that the first one would look better with the other features that will be used on the front cover. With this title being a simple style it means that there can be other fonts used on the cover which will not leave the cover looking busy.

Layout for Music magazine

This is a rough example of what I would like my front cover of "Broadcast" to look like. I wanted my title to take up the full length of the page. For example, the way Kerrang! Makes the title stretch across the full page, many other Metal music magazines did this.

other magazines that focused on many music genres like, NME  had a small title which was tucked away in the corner of the page, i felt that this did not catch a readers eye because it was too small to read, i want my title to stand out. this is why i chose a bigger title.


Target Audience

When I looked at magazines like Kerrang!  And Rock Sound I found that they were aimed at the same audience that I wanted to aim my magazine at. I wanted to aim my magazine at rock fans because i have read rock magazines for a young age. i felt that i knew more about this genre than any other music genre which is around today.

I want to aim my magazine at an audience aged 15- 27. I felt that chosing a wider audience would meant id have more ptential customers that would buy the magazine if I were to sell in a shop.

I asked a few members of my potential audience to tell me what they would like a rock music magazine to consist of;

“I think that the magazine should have a dark colour scheme, this would make it appeal more towards the rock genre. The bands that are advertised should be well known. I think that there should also be free posters of bands that have  featured in other issues of the magazine."  Jamie Paul.


There are many different types of music magazines which are sold in shops today. I chose the genre of rock music to base my magazine around. I think that the major competition I would had would come from well known magazines like Kerrang!, Rock Sound and Metal Hammer.