Thursday, 31 March 2011

Target Audience

When I looked at magazines like Kerrang!  And Rock Sound I found that they were aimed at the same audience that I wanted to aim my magazine at. I wanted to aim my magazine at rock fans because i have read rock magazines for a young age. i felt that i knew more about this genre than any other music genre which is around today.

I want to aim my magazine at an audience aged 15- 27. I felt that chosing a wider audience would meant id have more ptential customers that would buy the magazine if I were to sell in a shop.

I asked a few members of my potential audience to tell me what they would like a rock music magazine to consist of;

“I think that the magazine should have a dark colour scheme, this would make it appeal more towards the rock genre. The bands that are advertised should be well known. I think that there should also be free posters of bands that have  featured in other issues of the magazine."  Jamie Paul.

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